With charter we can deliver you the closest to your destination by utilizing the hundreds of
airports not served by the airlines, thus cutting your travel time considerably. Make those
two or three day trips in just one day. No more waiting in long lines, lost baggage or
unexpected flight delays. We are eager to provide you with professional, personalized
service adhering to your busy schedule.

The Pilots
Marshalltown Aviation takes great pride in employing some of the most experienced pilots
in the industry. All of our pilots were once flight instructors. As flight instructors they
honed their skills and knowledge. All pilots regularly attend Flight Safety International for
recurrent training. Flight Safety International is regarded as the industry best for
recurrent training. With continued education and regular testing we have a team that is
ready to serve you.

The Aircraft
Marshalltown Aviation uses the Piper Navajo, Piper Cheyenne IIXL, and Piper Cheyenne IIIA. 
The Piper Navajo is a piston powered twin-engine aircraft capable of hauling up to 7 passengers. 
The Piper Cheyenne IIXL is a turbine powered twin-engine pressurized aircraft capable
of hauling up to 7 passengers. The Piper Cheynne IIIA is also a turbine powered twin-engine
pressurized aircraft with the ability to haul 8 passengers. With the versatile line-up Marshalltown
Aviation can find a solution that meets your both your needs and your budget. 

The Service
When you schedule a trip with Marshalltown Aviation we take can take care of all of your
travel needs. Our staff is trained to make your trip as seamless as possible. We can make
arrangements for transportation and hotels so that you focus on your business or pleasure.
If you find yourself needing immediate transportation after normal business hours we can
be reached at one of the numbers below. We will do absolutely everything we can to make
your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Charter Quotes:

M-F: 8-5
Phone: 641-752-0012

Other Times
Steve: 641-521-6832
Ethan: 515-360-1807

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