Learning to fly will be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in your life. It
will give you the freedom to travel to far away places. It will open a whole new world of
opportunity and pleasure. It is a step in which, once taken, you'll never regret.

At Marshalltown Aviation, Inc., we train in and rent four-place, low wing, Piper aircraft. If
you have been considering obtaining a private pilot license, we suggest that you take our
introductory flight to get a "hands on" experience flying an airplane with our instructor at
your side. Flight lessons can begin anytime. Our ground schools are held twice a year and
are included with the purchase of a private pilot kit. It is not mandatory to attend one of
our ground schools, if you would rather study on your own for your written exam.

With Marshalltown Aviation you can obtain your Private Certificate, Instrument Rating,
Commercial Certificate, Certified Flight Instructor, and Certified Flight Instructor
Insrument ratings. We provide quality, one-on-one, personalized and professional flight

Call today to schedule your introductory flight lesson. For only $49 you can be in control
of an airplane.
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